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Reverse Air Filter






Product Information: Information on this page is for quotation purposes only; not for construction unless certified. Data subject to change without notice. All dimensions are in inches unless noted. 



Standard Features
• 10 gauge steel construction to operate up to +/-   17” [wg]
• Bolted construction
• Exterior and interior lifting lugs
• Flanged inlet and flanged outlet with  orientationper job
• 1 1/2” NPT sprinkler coupling in plenum
• 1 1/4” NPT electrical coupling in plenum
• 3/4” NPT thermocouple coupling in plenum
• 3/4” NPT explosion light coupling in plenum
• High-volume fan with TEFC explosion proof  motor, NEMA 9, class II, groups E, F, & G
• Explosion proof 3/4 HP rotating cleaning arm  motor, NEMA 9, class II, groups E, F, & G
• UHMW lined slide plate on rotating arm
• Differential pressure gauge
• Metal prepared with rust-inhibitive primer on  both interior and exterior surfaces
• Unit painted Aircon gray
• 16 oz. singed polyester top-removal, snap-in bags with copper ground wire & top-removal galvanized bag cages
• Safety limit switch to lock-out power during plenum access
• Walk-in plenum access door with access platform
• Tangential inlet (clockwise or counterclockwise)  with inner particledeflection cone and vortex   breaker
• 60º cone hopper flanged to housing
• 1 1/4” level indicator coupling in hopper
• 18” diameter clean-out door in discharge cone
• Installation & maintenance manuals
Optional Features
• Structural steel support
• Other types of filter media
• Epoxy paint or regular paint per specified color
• Thermocouple to monitor temperature of discharge air
• Sprinkler system installed in plenum
• Level indicator in hopper
• Caged ladder & access platform
• Handrails surrounding top of plenum
• Stainless steel or epoxy-coated (carbon steel) bag cages